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Fall In Love With “Somebody to Somebody”

Fall In Love With “Somebody to Somebody”

Jade Latrice drops a stunning new single titled “Somebody to Somebody”, a song about a love relationship that is no longer working. With heartfelt lyrics that touch on the essence of an unhappy love, Jade Latrice shows off her exceptional voice with graceful elegance and leaves the listener to ponder on their own experiences.  

The talented singer-songwriter has recently launched her career in music and has released “Make It Home” and “I Like It”, both of which demonstrate Jade’s creativity, deep understanding of what makes great music, and an effortless charm she has about her. 

At 18 years old, singer/songwriter Jade Latrice is making her name known in the R&B industry as a rising artist whose voice is mature beyond her years. She has a shy and soft-spoken demeanor, but when the microphone turns on and the music starts, the lyrical artist begins to perform with depth, emotion, and profound confidence. “There are many things that inspire me but singing is really a way for me to express myself. It’s an outlet that helps me learn and grow,” she said.

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