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Boosie Badazz Clarifies Zaya Wade Comments While Doubling Down

Boosie Badazz Clarifies Zaya Wade Comments While Doubling Down

Boosie Badazz’s Instagram Live has turned into a destination for rants and NSFW content while people are stuck inside amid the coronavirus pandemic. During one of his livestreams on Monday (March 23), Boosie revisited his controversial remarks about Dwyane Wade’s transgender daughter Zaya in an attempt to defend himself.

“I got gay people around me,” he said. “I ain’t got nothing against no gay people. I got gay people [who] work for me. I got gay people in my family. All I said [about Zaya] was don’t do that, man. I ain’t even say it. But that’s all I said, man.”

In Boosie’s original comments, he chastised Wade for “going too far” by accepting Zaya as transgender at the age of 12. The outspoken rapper repeatedly said, “Don’t cut his dick off,” in his previous diatribe.

While trying to clarify himself in Monday’s Instagram Live session, Boosie reiterated his point about Wade’s child not being old enough to make decisions regarding gender identity.

“I ain’t got nothing against gay nobody,” he stated. “I love … I love people. I don’t hate white people, I don’t hate black people. I don’t hate people, bruh. All I said was don’t do that. That’s all I said. Ya heard me?

“At 11 or 12, I don’t know if I wanna shop at Dillard’s or Foot Locker, ya heard? Real shit, man. I don’t know if I’m going to college or staying, man. Ya heard? Big decisions I can’t make yet, man. Lifetime decisions I can’t make yet, man.”

According to Boosie, parents have ceded too much control to their children.

“We giving the children the fucking power, man,” he asserted. “We already can’t whoop ’em. You go to jail. Ya heard me? Everything they come with and say they can do, we gon’ let ’em do it … In 10 years, the fucking children are going to be the parents. Watch what I say. You gonna have to ask them what to do.”

Boosie Badazz Clarifies Zaya Wade Comments While Doubling Down

Boosie Badazz Breaks His Silence Following Backlash Over Comments On Dwyane Wade’s Transgender Daughter

He concluded, “You can’t go with everything a child say and expect that to be cool. ‘Cause that is a child!”

Listen to Boosie’s full rant below.