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D-Nice Launches Monster ‘Homeschool Playlist’ Exclusively Through Spotify

D-Nice Launches Monster ‘Homeschool Playlist’ Exclusively Through Spotify

D-Nice has launched a massive curated playlist — the appropriately titled Homeschool Playlist — exclusively through Spotify. Boasting over 50 songs from a range of artists, including The Emotions, Stevie Wonder, Rick James, CHIC and Bonnie Pointer, the idea behind the playlist is to encourage fans to try to stay positive and keep dancing.

“I am honored and humbled to partner with Spotify on the official Homeschool Playlist,” D-Nice said in a press release. “This list will rotate on songs that are guaranteed to make listeners dance and enjoy themselves. Stay tuned for more updates to this list.”

The playlist was inspired by his epic “social distancing party” on Instagram Live that took place last week. On Saturday (March 21), over 100,000 people had tuned in to watch the Boogie Down Productions DJ do his thing — from former First Lady Michelle Obama and Rihanna to Will Smith and Drake.

Subsequently, it earned the hashtag #ClubQuarantine.

In a recent video interview with Jimmy Fallon, D-Nice spoke about the importance of music in a time like this.

“When you’re feeding off of a crowd, you’re trying to play for the crowd,” he said.”I’m reading their body languages, I want them to hear what they want to hear. 100,000 people were in that Live to hear what I wanted to play, and I was able to play from my heart … so I was able to just do what I love and it was a beautiful experience.”

Numerous artists are using Instagram Live to stay connected to their fans and peers as the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc on the world. Questlove, DJ Premier, Cut Chemist, Lord Finesse and Erykah Badu are just a few of those sharing their talents with the online community.