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Lyric Jones Lays It All Out On The Railroad Tracks For  ‘Dusty Heart’ Video

Lyric Jones Lays It All Out On The Railroad Tracks For ‘Dusty Heart’ Video

hitmusic Premiere – Lyric Jones is the perfect balance of raw, feminine energy and hardcore, Hip Hop lovin’ MC. She consistently demonstrates these qualities in her work — and her new video for “Dusty Heart” is no exception.

Kicking off in her bedroom, the Bean Town-bred artist grabs some Honey Nut Cheerios and props up in front of the television set to watch Pinky & The Brain as she raps about the intro to the cartoon. “Try and take over the world said Pinky & The Brain/Funny ’cause at a young age I had the same mind frame,” she spits.

From there, “the Grace Jones of rap” hits the train tracks where she continues to showcase her lyrical prowess over the dreamy, Giallo Point-produced beat.

“This joint represents my spring cleaning in a way,” she tells hitmusic. “My heart and spirit got sort of ‘dusty’ and frustrated with the same ol’, same ol’ with the industry, relationships, etc. I wrote this joint a while ago but dropping this now symbolizes me doing some life spring and dusting; emotionally and with my music overall all.”

“Dusty Heart” is part of the Lyric’s’ “Acquired Taste” maxi single, which also comes with the previously released “Fettuccine” single, “Purple Highway” featuring Skyzoo and instrumental versions of all there.

Lyric’s GA$ MONEY project — which she made with collaborator Nameless — arrived last year.

Watch the “Dusty Heart” video up top and cop the maxi single here.