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Tekashi 6ix9ine Blasts Future, Snoop Dogg & Meek Mill For 'Snitch' Hypocrisy

Tekashi 6ix9ine Blasts Future, Snoop Dogg & Meek Mill For 'Snitch' Hypocrisy

Tekashi 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj dropped off their new “TROLLZ” video at midnight EST on Friday (June 12). Prior to its big reveal, the two controversial rappers hopped on Instagram Live together where 6ix9ine went off about his reputation as a snitch.

During his tirade, he targeted Future, Snoop Dogg and Meek Mill as examples of hypocrisy in the rap community.

“The world is full of hate right now … I’ma show you a lot of things right now,” he said. “I’ma show you how this rap game is full of liars. I’ma show you how this rap game full of rats … I’ma show you how the rap game really works … The rap game don’t want you to know certain stuff. I’ma expose the rap game right now, ’cause I got facts.”

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6ix9ine then proceeded to Google Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez and cite a paragraph from a 2015 Daily News article detailing her cooperation with the Drug Enforcement Administration that read, “The story that spooked Dash revealed how Perez, the wife of longtime Jay Z wingman Juan Perez, became a cooperating witness for the DEA in the 1990s.

“After her 1994 arrest for possession of 35 kilos of cocaine, Perez struck a deal with the feds, agreeing to wear hidden wires to record her meetings with major cocaine traffickers. Her undercover informant work won her courtroom praise from federal prosecutors after she helped them break up major drug deals in Puerto Rico and Colombia.”

With a smirk on his face, 6ix9ine shared photos of Perez with Meek and said, “Meek Mill, you can’t pick and choose who you want to call rats. This is public information … Sir, you know. Ever since Nicki left you, you are a nobody … Did you forget who you was? I forgot what Drake said, what did Drake say? ‘Was that your tour or your girl’s tour?’”

The 24-year-old Brooklyn native then went after Future and brought up one of his recent Instagram Stories which read, “I believe if u hang with a snitch u a snitch and deserve to die.”

“You rap about molly, percs, all this shit, never got locked up for no drug offense,” he said. “Ever. You say, if you hang out with a rat, you’re a rat. So what does that make you? ‘Cause you hang out with these niggas. Before I became a rat, I did it on my own. Think about that. So if you’re chilling with a rat makes you a rat … you’re a fucking rat.”

Finally, 6ix9ine went after Snoop again and claimed the West Coast legend hit him up privately to “throw the white flag.”

“For the two years I was locked up, you aired me out,” he said. “I’m just replying. Wasn’t it Snoop Dogg and Meek Mill who couldn’t keep my dick outta their mouths?”

“TROLLZ” currently sits at over 15 million views and counting and is already No. 1 on the iTunes Top 40 Hip Hop chart.

Check it out below.