“Angel Zadikel (The Angel of Surrender)”: A Musical Tribute by Karen Salicath Jamali Ahead of Father’s Day

“Angel Zadikel (The Angel of Surrender)”: A Musical Tribute by Karen Salicath Jamali Ahead of Father’s Day

Karen Salicath Jamali s latest musical offering, “Angel Zadikel (The Angel of Surrender),” arrives ahead of Father’s Day, marking a poignant celebration with its release on June 14th. This composition is a heartfelt homage to Angel Zadikel, revered as the Angel of Surrender, Freedom, and Mercy among the Archangels. Zadikel’s spiritual presence is known to aid in letting go of judgment, guilt, and fear, offering a path to healing through forgiveness and compassion.

Karen‘s path to becoming a celebrated composer and pianist began unexpectedly after a life-altering accident. A severe head injury and a subsequent near-death experience unlocked an extraordinary talent for music composition and piano performance, despite her having no prior musical training. This profound awakening propelled Karen on a journey of creating meditative and healing compositions that resonate deeply with listeners worldwide.

Karen‘s dedication to her craft and spiritual exploration has resulted in an extensive repertoire of over 2500 compositions across seven albums. Her music has graced prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall on multiple occasions.

Karen Salicath Jamali‘s influence transcends musical realms into the visual arts, where her sculptures and paintings have garnered acclaim. Educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, her creations resonate with a profound spiritual essence, encouraging viewers to contemplate the deeper meanings embedded within each piece.

Through her compositions, Karen Salicath Jamali invites listeners on a transformative journey, offering a sanctuary of tranquility and enlightenment. Whether through the serene melodies of her piano or the profound spiritual narratives woven into each composition, Karen’s music resonates as a beacon of solace and connection with the divine essence of Angel Zadikel.

Experience the evocative melodies of “Angel Zadikel (The Angel of Surrender)”: