Bec Plexus & Pascal Le Boeuf – "Mirror Image"

Bec Plexus & Pascal Le Boeuf – "Mirror Image"

Bec Plexus is an Amsterdam-based musician who applies her conservatory training and wild imagination to electronic music that feels like pop collapsing in on itself. Her debut album STICKLIP, out next month, was a deeply collaborative affair that found her working with Buke And Gase’s Arone Dyer, Richard Ayres, David T. Little, David Chesworth, Molly Joyce, and more. This week she’s following up its intriguing lead single “Busy Making Steps” with a genuine stunner called “Mirror .”

On the new song, Plexus delivers her lyrics in tense spoken-word segments backed by frantic electronic production that mostly sticks to percussion, with flashes harmony creeping in at strategic moments a la Radiohead’s “Idioteque.” With contempt dripping from her voice, she declares, “You wanna be my mirror image,” and then her voice shoots upward at a Björk-influenced trajectory: “A perfect replica!” At one point the music descends into chaos and Plexus furiously cuts loose. It’s electrifying stuff.

“Mirror ” is co-credited to Pascal Le Boeuf, who wrote both the lyrics and the music. Son Lux’s Rafiq Bhatia and Ian Chang contribute production as well. The video — directed by Kevin Eikenberg and Evan Chapman, aka Four/Ten Media — presents Plexus as a force nature. Have a look below, where you can also find “Busy Making Steps.”

STICKLIP is out 4/24 on New Amsterdam Records. Pre-order it here.