Code Orange – “Sulfur Surrounding”

Code Orange – “Sulfur Surrounding”

Sometimes, chaotic times call for chaotic music. From that perspective, Underneath, the new album from young Pittsburgh hardcore veterans Code Orange, is remarkably well-timed. Also well-timed is Code Orange’s spring tour, which is set to feature Show Me The Body, Jesus Piece, Year Of The Knife, and Machine Girl. If live shows are still happening a month from now, that should be a great night out. Code Orange’s music is bigger, more monolithic, and less frantic than it once was. But it still sounds like worlds exploding. It’s cathartic shit.

Musically, Underneath finds Code Orange steering right into the nu-metal and ’90s-industrial influences that have always been there in their music. We’ve already posted the title track and the convulsive “Swallowing The Rabbit Whole.” Today, Code Orange drop the new jam “Sulfur Surrounding.” It’s the cheesiest, most supremely ’90s mall-goth those three singles, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It might, in fact, be extremely fucking awesome. Some us can hear Code Orange putting Evanescence and Converge into a blender, and we can get really, really fired-up about it.

“Sulfur Surrounding” comes with a psychedelic computer-animated video directed by Code Orange guitarist Shade Balderose. In the clip, a gleaming bald Silver Surfer-esque everyman encounters various horrors: A rabbit god, a giant baby, a motherfucker with a chainsaw. Check it out below.

In a press release, Code Orange co-leader Jami Morgan says:

“Sulfur Surrounding” is about your deepest relationships becoming manipulative, corrosive and eventually hopeless. Haunted by chemical compulsion. Fading into the depressive cycle. Another step on our journey under. The song showcases another stylistic dip on the rollercoaster that is Underneath. Soon all will become clear.

Underneath is out 3/13 on Roadrunner Records.