D.C. Artist Tylan Releases the Introspective Track “Won’t Get It”

D.C. Artist Tylan Releases the Introspective Track “Won’t Get It”

Washington, D.C.’s rising star Tylan is back with a new single, “Won’t Get It…,” a track that delves into vulnerability and personal growth.

Influenced by the city’s rich artistic heritage and his family’s legacy—his great-grandmother, Mary Jefferson, was a pioneering D.C. blues musician—Tylan brings a unique perspective to the hip-hop scene.

“Won’t Get It…” explores the complexities of navigating challenges and the importance of self-reflection. The track’s introspective lyrics grapple with themes of trust, navigating mental health, and finding purpose. Lines like “they be like Ty, ‘why you in therapy?’ / cause I had visions they tried to bury me” showcase Tylan‘s willingness to be transparent about his experiences.

The accompanying melody is emotive, complementing the raw honesty of the lyrics. The chorus, with its repeated refrain of “who can I trust? / when trust ain’t enough,” reflects a struggle familiar to many listeners.

“Won’t Get It…” positions Tylan as an artist unafraid to explore vulnerability and personal growth. The track is a promising glimpse into the future of this rising D.C. talent.

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