Emerald M. Reflecting On Youth In “Same Old Routine”

Emerald M. Reflecting On Youth In “Same Old Routine”

Emerald M., the multi-talented Burmese singer-songwriter, is back with her new single, “Same Old Routine.” Following the success of “I Could’ve Died,” the artist’s latest track delves deep into the complexities of adult life, juxtaposed against the freedom and dreams of youth. Through her soulful voice and masterful instrumentation, she invites listeners into a reflective journey, exploring the often overlooked mundane aspects of daily life. 

The song’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of the isolation and monotony that can accompany adulthood, using powerful imagery like a “den scattered with empty cans.” In a recent interview,  Emerald shared that these lyrics were inspired by her own experiences of solitude and introspection. This authenticity resonates with listeners, offering a shared sense of understanding and connection. 

This is skillfully conveyed by Emerald’s impactful lyrics.: “I’d rather be with you like when we were sixteen, having control on our own memories/ While it lasted, it felt like a dream with …. You/ We’ve all grown up/ And life’s getting tough/ My ambitious thoughts ain’t even close enough/ Smoking cigarettes, repeating this same old routine/ And I’m On my own now in this depressing town where there’s nothing to talk about/ Like I used to do with.. You.”

“Same Old Routine” follows a narrative of longing, a yearning to return to the carefree days of being sixteen. Emerald brilliantly balances this nostalgia with a recognition of the present, crafting a track that is both relatable and deeply moving. Her ability to evoke such strong emotions while maintaining a light-hearted tone is a testament to her skill as a songwriter and artist. 

This release showcases Emerald M.’s musical prowess and her keen understanding of human emotions. As she continues to explore new themes and sounds, the artist’s growing audience eagerly anticipates what this exceptional talent will bring next.

Listen to “Same Old Routine” below: