Giselle Niemand Connects Generations With Her Heartfelt Single “Lovers Do”

Giselle Niemand Connects Generations With Her Heartfelt Single “Lovers Do”

13 year-old South African rising star, Giselle Niemand, is making waves with her latest release, “Lovers Do.” The triple threat performer aims to connect with both younger and older generations through her genuine music. Collaborating with renowned songwriter and producer Emmanuel “Manny” Mijares, along with Stefan Benz and Tyler Conti, she brings to life the emotions and experiences of young love. 

Recently, Giselle shared her excitement about her new single and expressed her gratitude for Manny’s guidance in helping her be herself and connect with her audience. She feels blessed to have her music heard on an international scale and hopes to spread love and positivity through her songs. 

Giselle also gave a sneak peek into her upcoming single, “Later,” which promises an edgier pop style and encourages listeners to act on their feelings. As a multi-talented artist, she finds joy in various forms of artistry and maintains balance by staying organized and efficient. 

With her talent, passion, and determination, Giselle Niemand is undoubtedly an artist to watch. Her ability to connect with people of all ages through her music showcases her maturity and potential for a promising career in the industry.

Check out the music video below:

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