Julian Cross Releases Compelling New Single “Do 4 Love” – A Fresh Addition to His Discography

Julian Cross Releases Compelling New Single “Do 4 Love” – A Fresh Addition to His Discography

DJ and producer Julian Cross has just released his new single, “Do 4 Love.” This track comes after the success of his debut album, Stories of the Nebula, which gained attention in 2023. Julian’s development as an artist is evident in this new release.

“Do 4 Love” starts with a catchy hook that transitions smoothly into an energetic chorus. Julian’s production skills are clear, with each beat and melody carefully arranged. The song’s lyrics, focusing on love and commitment, add emotional depth to its upbeat rhythm, making it both danceable and meaningful.

Julian Cross’s music career began in the Netherlands and Belgium, where he moved from local bar performances to major electronic music stages. He has played at major festivals such as Tomorrowland the Gathering, Ultra Music Festival, Parookaville, and the Amsterdam Dance Event, building a strong reputation and dedicated fan base. In 2021, Julian signed with WALL Recordings, leading to the release of Stories of the Nebula. The album’s success on streaming platforms established him as a versatile producer blending various electronic styles.

Do 4 Love” showcases Julian’s continued artistic growth, combining new musical elements while maintaining the danceable quality his fans love. The track is set to become a staple in his live performances, known for their high energy and audience interaction.

Julian has an extensive performance history that includes venues and events like Summerfestival, Timeless, Lux, Escape Nightclub, Globefest in Belgium, Skygarden Bali in Indonesia, Dreamvillage in the Netherlands, and the Formula 1 Afterparty in the Netherlands. These diverse experiences have enriched his music, bringing various influences to his sound.

In “Do 4 Love,” Julian’s ability to merge catchy hooks with meaningful lyrics is clear. The single reflects his dedication to evolving as an artist and connecting with his audience on multiple levels. His seamless fusion of different electronic music styles continues to set him apart in the industry.

For fans of Julian Cross, “Do 4 Love” is a must-listen, offering a glimpse into the new directions his music is taking. With more performances and new releases ahead, Julian shows no signs of slowing down. His journey from local bars to international stages demonstrates his talent and hard work.

As Julian Cross continues to expand his music, “Do 4 Love” exemplifies his commitment to growth and innovation. Fans can look forward to experiencing his evolving sound in upcoming live performances and future releases.