“Reaching for the Sun”: Szarr’s Sonic Escape From Corporate Constraints

“Reaching for the Sun”: Szarr’s Sonic Escape From Corporate Constraints

Swiss musician and singer-songwriter, Szarr,  just dropped his newest single called “Reaching for the Sun,” This heartfelt song stems from his own challenges and dissatisfaction with a job that didn’t match his dreams. The artist shares how he poured his intense emotions and discontent into the music, crafting instrumental elements as a way to find freedom.

I basically tried to release that anger and frustration with the sounds I used for the track. I opened up my thoughts. Producing and building the instrumental track gave me a sense of freedom. Diving into different sounds made the frustration go away. Then I filled in the words that I had in my mind about how music inspires me and the importance of going after our goals. I hope that everyone who listens to my song resonates with this,” explains Szarr.

Szarr joined forces with Omri Klein to create captivating visuals for “Reaching for the Sun,” blending the song’s narrative with stunning imagery. Through their collaboration, they breathed life into the lyrics, “We trade life for paper/ just to live it out later/ into the wild we are running/ into the nature we are free/ I don’t know how we end up here/ do we wait until we disappear?/ Don’t know how we ended up here/ chasing things that will just disappear/ Let’s reclaim our power/ Cuz’ time is a treasure.”

We shot the video in one day. It was intense to capture everything and make it to the beach before sunset, but we made it and I am quite proud of how it turned out. I am always involved in the visual aspects of my music. It goes hand in hand. I love shooting and directing videos to tell my song’s stories and I love being involved with all the pictures I am doing, so I definitely will continue to bring more visuals with my future projects. I already have some in mind,” reveals the talented artist.

As Szarr is busy with his debut EP, Idioma, he skillfully merges the rich sounds of his Balkan heritage with the diverse influences of his Swiss upbringing. Taking cues from an array of notable artists and producers, including The Weeknd, Rihanna, Stargate, and Calvin Harris, the artist incorporates their ingenuity into his own sound. Filled with anticipation, he explores the realms of Latin vibes, reggaeton beats, trap, and electronic music, promising a thrilling journey with his forthcoming releases.

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