Watch Taylor Swift Say "Fuck" In The 'Miss Americana' Trailer

Watch Taylor Swift Say "Fuck" In The 'Miss Americana' Trailer

The documentary about Taylor Swift, Miss Americana, will debut at the opening night gala at Sundance Film Festival tomorrow, and it’ll be in select theaters and on Netflix on 1/31. Today, Swift has shared the film’s ficial trailer.

Yesterday, she gave a long interview about the doc that makes it clear that a lot it will be about her recent public political awakening, and the trailer certainly emphasizes that. “I feel really good about not being muzzled anymore, and it was my own doing,” she says at one point.

She also says “fuck” in the trailer, which is pretty significant for someone that’s kept up a squeaky-clean image for so long. “It feels fucking awesome,” she says at 1:28. It’s not the first time we’ve overheard Swift dropping an F-bomb (here’s one example) but it seems like a big step to do so publicly. Embrace the F word, Taylor!

The movie was directed by Lana Wilson. Watch the trailer below.