Watch The Trailer For The DJ Screw TV Series All Screwed Up

Watch The Trailer For The DJ Screw TV Series All Screwed Up

Houston rap innovator DJ Screw is one the most fascinating cult figures in the entire history rap music. Within a few years, Screw developed his own sound — a version rap and R&B slowed down to a psychedelic crawl. He grouped together many the best rappers in the city to form the all-star Screwed Up Click. He cranked out a wild number mixtapes, helping to create his city’s distinctive rap sound without finding any national audience whatsoever. And then he died a codeine overdose in 2000, when he was just 29. People are still playing around with his sound now. He deserves to be treated as a legend.

The details are (maybe appropriately) murky right now, but it appears that Screw will get something like the legend treatment this year. Screw is the subject a new biographical TV series called All Screwed Up,, which will tell the story his life. The Houston Chronicle reports that the relatively unknown actor Rosha Washington will play Screw. Houston natives Shannan E. Johnson and Isaac “Chill” Yowman wrote the series, and Yowman directed it. The executive producers include Screwed Up Click legend Lil Keke and Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams.

From the looks the trailer, All Screwed Up seems to be a fairly standard rap-biopic type deal, which is kind a shame. (It would’ve been cool if they took the same kind formal risks as Screw himself did.) It appears that there will be a whole lot stuff about intra-Houston North/South beef. Check it out below, the Chronicle.

Right now, there’s no info on when the show will hit any the streaming services.