Yumi Zouma – "Right Track/Wrong Man"

Yumi Zouma – "Right Track/Wrong Man"

Yumi Zouma have been making glimmering pop music for a long while now, and today the trio are releasing a new single alongside news that they’ve signed to Polyvinyl. “Right Track / Wrong Man” is another refinement on the subtle shimmer they’ve been executing consistently since 2014. “Try to keep my mouth shut, throw me right up,” Christie Simpson and Josh Burgess duet in the chorus on this one. “Every time you shove, I just get stuck.”

“‘Right Track / Wrong Man’ comes from a place uncertainty – not knowing if you should stay in the comfort a slightly unfulfilling relationship, or branch out and make the most the youth you have left; meet new people, go out more, dance, live,” Simpson said in a statement. “As Yumi Zouma we ten write songs that we want people to dance to, and that we ourselves would want to dance to – this is our dancefloor anthem to the confusion living through your twenties.”

Listen below.

“Right Track / Wrong Man” is out now Polyvinyl.