cool girl island’s “do not disturb” Video Is A Pure Visual Masterpiece

cool girl island’s “do not disturb” Video Is A Pure Visual Masterpiece

Fast-rising singer-songwriter, cool girl island, drops a visually stunning music video for her recent single “do not disturb” (airplane mode). Produced by the artist herself, the clip, co-created with ALX112, instills European aesthetics and focuses on the value of spending time alone.

Talking about her shooting experience, cool girl island says: “We were in the middle of nowhere in France, we traveled on so many trains for hundreds of km. I felt like we had quite an authentic French experience and we filmed things quite European style in the sense that we didn’t have any concrete storyboard. We wanted to capture a feeling that’s not forced.” 

She continues: “We missed our train while touring these little French cities/towns and it was a hectic experience in the most peaceful setting. We played around with a lot of ideas, a lot of which weren’t used and settled with this moody, more visualizer type of music video. I am very happy with it and grateful for the experience.”

The song was written during the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the artist craving her own company despite finally having the “permission” to leave her house; “Sometimes I would surprise myself when I listen back to the lyrics I wrote because I’m quite a private person. Most days it’s a feel-good, self-love kind of song, other days it makes me strangely sad…”

With a natural talent for narrating stories, cool girl island expertly crafts her writing: “For you, I used up all my tissues/ But still I’ve got bigger issues/ “Calm down”/ Then made myself some tea (ooh)/ I think it’s time to let it go/ And I think it’s time for you to leave (leave).” The California native sings: “Now I crave only me at home/ No, I don’t crave you no more (no more)/ Please don’t call/ Phone’s on airplane mode/ No, I don’t crave you no more (no more).”

“do not disturb” (airplane mode) is the latest in a series of independent releases by the up-and-coming artist, including “inside (out)” and “forever stay never.” Her music is like a lazy afternoon or a 2am night-in by oneself, transmitting powerful emotions to her audience. cool girl island is currently working on an EP. Her next single is set to come out in April. 

Watch the official music video for “do not disturb”(airplane mode) below:

Listen to “do not disturb”(airplane mode) here: