Exclusive Interview With 3isthemagic

Exclusive Interview With 3isthemagic

We have been loving your new album Space Dreams and the single “Real One”. Can you share with us a few of the stories behind the making of the album?

I used to dream about living in a different place as a kid growing up and got really fascinated with the stars and space. A lot of the music in the project stems from that and just evolving through life. 

What’s the message you’d like to convey with “Real One”? 

It’s a feeling we’ve all had before, that is struggling to find the right person. I guess you don’t know what’s real until you’ve gotten through the fake. 

What drove you to seek out a music career? 

I fell in love with music at a young age and would come up with my own songs when I was a kid. I’m unsigned right now but would mind getting with a label if the deal was right. 

What is your most memorable moment as an artist? 

Seeing the music go from writing, to recording, to eventually seeing it up on Apple Music/Spotify. 

How would you define your style/genre? 

I would describe it as melodic hip hop but honestly it just comes out how it comes up. It’s a mix of singing and rapping. 

What is your favorite song right now?

Right now I’m really feeling Swae Lee, “In the Dark” and I’ve been listening to “The Voice of the Heroes”, by Baby and Durk. 

Are there any near future releases planned? 

I’m still pushing Space Dreams and I will be releasing another music video for this project soon. I’ll be putting out more music next year for sure. Stay tuned

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