Felons Releases A Poignant Song Titled “Cybernetic Organism”

Felons Releases A Poignant Song Titled “Cybernetic Organism”

Felons releases a poignant new single titled “Cybernetic Organism.” This jaw dropping number exposes the artist’s raw and authentic skills with a song that cannot but touch listeners to their core. 

There’s a whole mystery emanating from this song, that simultaneously distills dark, inviting, nostalgic and hopeful vibes. Impossible to categorize and fitting no usual boxes, “Cybernetic Organism” presents a timeless confluence of mystical energies. 

Felons first got introduced to music thanks to his parents who were avid listeners of rock ’n roll.  It is later on that Felons became involved in New York’s hardcore scene of aggressive music, drawing inspiration from bands such as Madball, Agnostic Front, and Biohazard.

By mixing a unique musical hybrid made of conscious, trap and traditional soundscapes, Felons is rapidly becoming an exciting artist to follow, as we already anticipate his next project release.

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