Turk NY Releases Back To Back Hits

Turk NY Releases Back To Back Hits

Turk NY returns to the scenes in fantastic form. His two new tunes are backed by innovative musicality and lyrics.

This is Turk NY’s first release after he dropped “Two Things” back in 2020. True to form, he keeps it deep while exploring hard-hitting lyrics. His approach to music is set to always transport his listeners through an ever-evolving panorama of audio carvings.

The beats get you moving, while his well-designed sonic forces control the mind, as present in his two latest releases. Titled “Only A Millie’” and “Meddling,” both tracks ooze a profound and energetic rap feel with simmering rhythms.

The chart-topping tracks boast somewhat prolific basslines adding to a menacing, low-key production with a soft overview.

The artwork for “Meddling” cannot pass on without being talked about. Taken from the childhood favorite cartoon series “Scooby-Doo,” the track’s name is an ode to the show.

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