A New Musical Horizon: Chris Sunfield’s Shift Towards Minimalism and Dream Pop

A New Musical Horizon: Chris Sunfield’s Shift Towards Minimalism and Dream Pop

Chris Sunfield has long been recognized for his eclectic approach to music, but recent revelations point towards a significant shift in his artistic direction. In a candid interview, he shared insights into his upcoming projects, revealing an intriguing transition towards minimalism, ambient styles, and a blend of dream pop and post/experimental rock.

Discussing his broad musical repertoire, Sunfield admitted, “I’ve done pop punk, chamber pop, collaborated with a hip hop artist… I’m all over the place.” This versatility reflects his view that “the song is the star. I’m just a conduit.” His willingness to follow the song’s intrinsic nature has led him to explore a wide array of genres.

Sunfield’s upcoming changes are driven by a desire to explore different sounds. He shared, “I’ve been writing accessible pop music and more progressive stuff simultaneously for many years.” This exploration will culminate in a sound that leans towards slower tempos and a more ambient, dream-like quality.

Interestingly, Chris Sunfield also expressed his intention to offer his pop compositions to other artists. “One reason… is my age. I’m starting to feel uncomfortable doing twee pop,” he confessed. This shift not only marks a new phase in his career but also opens up possibilities for other artists to reinterpret his work.

Regarding the follow-up EP to “Bicycle Girl,” Sunfield was reflective: “I realized [some songs] weren’t meant for me as the lead artist… I need help finding the right featured artists.” This project promises a fresh perspective, with a narrative and style distinct from his previous works.

Chris’s upcoming projects mark a significant turn in his musical journey. With a shift towards minimalism and an openness to other artists interpreting his pop songs, Sunfield is poised to offer his audience a new and exciting musical experience.

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