CALYN Shares A Riveting New Single Titled “Tricky”

CALYN Shares A Riveting New Single Titled “Tricky”

California-based prodigy CALYN is back with a compelling new track called “Tricky.” The Alternative R&B artist has written a song about falling for a heartthrob who is desired by all.

CALYN confesses: ” I’d like to think it’s pretty common for girls my age to crush on somebody that’s essentially for everybody. I feel like the lyrics really capture what it’s like to know you shouldn’t want that someone because it’ll only hurt you in the long run. You want to believe so badly that you can change their mindset when nine times out of ten that’s not the case.”

The young artist perfectly captures that desire with her captivating lyrics: “Wait, what you talking bout/ Feel like miles away/ But you right on the couch/ All of these emotions gonna take me out/ But I’ll take somethin over nothin/ Just to see that smile/ Going crazy/ Someone save me/ Thinkin of you lately/ So somebody save me/ And I’m thinking lately/ Can somebody save me/ I could be your baby/ Maybe you could save me.”

With gems such as: “Born Tired,” “Falling,” and “Kinda Love,” inspired by Etta James’ “Sunday Kind of Love,” CALYN’s songs work like magic in healing broken hearts. “Tricky” acts as a medicine for all the wounded souls out there, proving once again the artist’s undisputed talent. 

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