Cavalli Boss Defines No Diamonds Allowed As “Trap Couture”

Cavalli Boss Defines No Diamonds Allowed As “Trap Couture”

Following the impressive singles “Pink Cocaine,” “Missing Halo,” and “Drip Holy Water,” American rapper and songwriter Cavalli Boss drops his 19-track record that includes “Candy Rose Petals,” “Hook Up,” “Air Mattress 2 Rolls Royces,” “Aloe Vera,” “Basquiat’s Girlfriend,” “Concept Car Curves,” “Memphis Snow,” “You Pressure,” “Waist Trainer,” “Fuego de Cho,” and “Billie Eilish Hair.”  

We had an exclusive interview with the talented Hip Hop artist, discussing his newly released album  No Diamonds Allowed and what he intends to achieve with it. He also shared new details on his recent releases “Angel Numbers” and “Cemetery Full of Rolexes.”

No Diamonds Allowed is finally out! How long have you been working on the album and how did you decide on the tracklist considering you have more than a hundred songs in your repertoire?

I’ve been working on the album on and off since the start of the covid pandemic. A couple of songs got leaked by a producer I was working with. We parted ways because of disloyalty. I’m dropping my website soon so my fans can get my music directly. 

Also working on an App too. Many songs didn’t make the album but they definitely will be heard. Wanted the whole album concept to mesh feel and sound like art or a piece of technology that’s sexy for an ambiguous crowd. Electric Trap Pop feels, sprinkled with Cloud Rap, and with my stamp on it. Decided the Track listing according to each vibe I wanted to set. I wanted a timeless sound if you put it on 4 years from now it wouldn’t sound dated or lackluster. Simplicity is key within fashion and lyrics.

“Angel Numbers” was one of the first songs we heard prior to No Diamonds Allowed. Does it have a special meaning to you? 

“Angel number” is a single that was setting the tone for my arrival in the music industry. I noticed that before my account was hacked my account had 240K followers.Went viral on the regular I had rappers that used to drop subliminals. Even had some come to my page like tweets and  things I said on my page. So I know they are aware that I’m coming. No Gimmicks just from the mud.

Before the release of the new record, you’d shared “Cemetery Full Of Rolexes.” Can you give more details about the track?

Yeah, “Cemetery Full Of Rolexes.” I start the song by setting the scene of a star coming up, he wants to love but he focuses on his passion. A woman comes around, holds him down, inspires him in the midst of doubt. She adds a certain focus for the moment. In the transition of the song I speak how I visually see other artists and how everyone is obsessed with time. The more they become obsessed with time the more their value drops like Rolexes. Eventual artists are thrown to the side. We over consume, we over sexualize ya know…

What kind of feedback did you receive from your friends and family about No Diamonds Allowed. How has the public and people from the industry reacted so far?

“Too many Muse,” “You Pressure,” and “Glock Ballad” have been getting good feedback from people saying they loved the visuals. I did the concepts of the visualizers myself as well. Going to push it harder though the roll just got out of the oven. Gonna serve it to ‘em and put it on the plate. When you trend set some slower than others.

Did you have a specific “sound” in mind before recording No Diamonds Allowed? How was the album put together?

Wanted to create a distinct sound that sounded luxuriously illustrious raw unfiltered. I wanted to create something where all women could feel sexy doing anything to my songs going anywhere. Providing a getaway sonically, making people feel good like walking champagne.

How would you describe the overall genre and style of the new record? Were you influenced by a specific genre or artist while creating the album?

I purposely made the album ambiguous. I call it “Trap Couture.” Definitely designer for your ears. When I write albums I don’t listen to other artists. I hate being influenced by other music. I feel it takes away from my brand.

Is there an overall message you would like to send with No Diamonds Allowed? What kind of mood are you trying to create with your songs?

The message I want to send with this album No Diamonds Allowed is that I’m providing a non judgmental zone for my listeners. To be whoever you want to be and feel whatever you want to feel. Don’t care how the world looks at you and try to portray you. Listen to my lyrics and feel the beats vibe to it with someone you love. And if you don’t have anybody, turn my music on, I’m always in your speaker. 

No Diamonds Allowed is your safe haven welcome to a world within a world remember my name and get used to it Cavalli Boss. I appreciate everyone that supports me for real, salute to all the underdogs I represent you always.

Listen to the full album here: