In The Wake Of Love: Unraveling CALYN’s “Waiting”

In The Wake Of Love: Unraveling CALYN’s “Waiting”

CALYN ’s latest single, “Waiting,” is a soul-baring narrative, a poignant expression of the tumultuous journey through the highs and lows of a breakup. With each note and lyric, the young talent escorts the listener through a transformational journey from an unfinished verse to a comprehensive emotional narrative. 

Initially, “Waiting” was a collection of fragmented ideas, echoing the incomplete emotions and experiences CALYN grappled with. The two contrasting verses were born from different emotional states – a testament to the singer’s transition from the anticipation of pain to the reality of it. 

The single’s transformative journey is encapsulated in the shift from an unfinished piece to a complete song. The two contrasting verses, both penned in separate emotional states, paint a vivid picture of the before and after of a relationship’s dissolution. The absence of a hook was more than a missing piece; it represented CALYN’s journey through the emotional labyrinth of loss and recovery yet to be traversed. 

When CALYN returned to the project after five months, the hook flowed naturally, symbolizing the singer’s evolution and the reconciliation of conflicting emotions. The completed song unfolds as a narrative – a ‘before, during, and after’ – chronicling an emotional metamorphosis brought about by the tribulations of love and loss. 

The complexity of emotions woven into the song reveals CALYN’s vulnerability. For the artist, every lyric is a diary entry, each note a piece of the soul laid bare for the world. Musically, her intricate mix of sounds attests to the artist’s versatile style and emotional range. Influences from artists like Toosii and Rod Wave resonate in the single, while producer Macc’s masterful execution amplifies the emotional intensity. 

“Waiting” is imbued with the pain and passion that characterize human relationships. It is a soul-stirring narrative that echoes the universal experience of love and loss. CALYN’s story, etched in every lyric, resonates with the collective journey we all undertale – waiting, healing, and evolving amidst the captivating chaos of the human experience.

Listen to “Waiting” below: