J Aktive’s “The One” Asserts His Dominion Over The Genre

J Aktive’s “The One” Asserts His Dominion Over The Genre

LA-based hip-hop artist, beatboxer, and producer J Aktive has just unveiled a new music video for his single “The One,” and it’s stunning. Asserting his dominion over the genre with a cross-genre single produced by Lexi Banks, J Aktive worked with Josh Abia and Kayla Young to produce and shoot the mesmerizing visuals, giving the project a wonderful appeal. 

The single “The One”, is a song off his latest album released in July, 2022, and titled Bad Luv. “The One” tells the tale of a classic love story, magnificently put into words, sounds and visuals. 

The music video starrs Janice Ecles and J Aktive, with the pair being seen on a date, eating cotton candy and taking rides in an amusement park. The established artist is known for his unique mix between neo-soul, pop, and hip-hop, often resulting in addictive songs that are destined to be played on repeat so much they carry soulful vibes and on-point lyrics. 

J Aktive has performed opening acts for Shoreline Mafia, Chanel West Coast, Chingy, Compton AV, Cassie Veggies and many more. His most famous release to date came with “Pist Off,”a song that went viral with over 16 million views across all platforms, and praised by Janet Jackson, Deion Sanders, Mario Lopez.