Premiere: Urban Creator EnkiiE Launches Brilliant Visuals For New Hit “What I Can”

Premiere: Urban Creator EnkiiE Launches Brilliant Visuals For New Hit “What I Can”

American rapper EnkiiE is releasing a brand new music video for his latest hit titled “What I Can.” EnkiiE’s mindset is perfectly translated into the powerful imagery imagined for the clip, capturing the young artist in his element, in Atlanta, Georgia. In some shots, he’s seen hitting home runs, while other segments portray him working hard on his craft at the studio. 

In “What I Can”He alternates between slow-paced deliveries and faster one as the song develops, while keepy the groovy instrumentals as the foundational vibe of the track. It is clear that EnkiiE is wholeheartedly dedicated to his art, with every detail meticulously thought about in advance, giving this production a flawless feel. Music being his escape and therapy, he uses that medium to generously share his experience to inspire others, through an authentic and passionate approach rare to find nowadays in most new releases.  

EnkiiE was raised by his mother in Stone Mountain, Georgia. His introduction to music came from attending Stephenson High School’s marching band practices. There, with his brother, he naturally gravitated towards developing a passion for music.

Fast forward to around 2008, his father introduced him to a new environment, which allowed him to express his creativity while still keeping his roots in Stone Mountain. In 2011, he and his brother convinced their cousin to put up some money with them for a usb microphone. This was the first step in consciously diving into their creativity.

Two years later, after graduating from high school in 2012 and 2 attempted semesters of community college, Enkiee came up with the notion that he needed structure of some sort and the military (Marine Corps) was the vessel that could provide that. He had seen Okinawa, Seoul, and Kona Island within the first half of his enlistment. In addition to visiting these places he’d never been to before, he was also able to buy equipment for a home studio to take with him to every duty station.

The last 2 years of his enlistment is when the depression set in. At the time, he didn’t know he was depressed. When he was in Okinawa, he was able to observe certain situations and be the light for everyone around him, and in no way could think that he could be tainted with this mindset. Before he knew what this emotion, feeling, thought, or concept was called, he had already acquired tools to use for his own therapeutic sessions.Get familiar with EnkiiE: InstagramSpotifyFacebook