Vibe With Lil Shxwn’s New Drop “Time Lost”

Lil Shxwn, best-known for his appearance in BET’s reality show ‘Nellyville’ as the rapper Nelly’s nephew, is on his way to building a solid reputation of his own by releasing major hip-hop joints. 

The artist’s most recent drop is titled “Time Lost,” and displays the rising star delivering a vibrant performance, distilling playfully romantic vibes throughout the track. 

The track was released alongside a beautiful and inspiring music video glowing with minimalism. It has an essentialist approach to the most basic life treats. The visuals capture Lil Shxwn spending time with his loved one. The music video’s message manifests the importance of never taking things for granted while making the most of our time, especially with the people we feel the closest to. 

“Time Lost” is all about appreciating the small moments of true happiness instead of wasting time on superficial matters. Beauty often lies in details, and artists like Lil Shxwn are there to remind us that being alive, and in love, are both immense luck to cherish dearly.