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Amni Musfirah’s “Crown” Is All You Need to Hear

Amni Musfirah’s “Crown” Is All You Need to Hear

Amni Musfirah dropped a new album titled Crown. Presenting her diverse talents and a fresh vision of sonic events, and a reliable attraction, Amni’s new 9 track wonder is one to have on deck.

The artist behind the track “Vacation,” has boosted her name in the industry this time around with a rather awe-inspiring collection of songs. Crown confirms the singer’s strong sound as it perfectly reveals relatable lyrics. This fresh and marvelous collection runs with strong vocals and vintage hues, making it a hit for the songwriter.

Amni’s creative juices are always visible in everything she does. She unveiled her latest creation through a  mini-film. This truly unique approach to her talents has cemented her capabilities as an artist. 

The lyrics to her namesake track, “Crown my love, Crown my love into your heart oh baby, Crown my loving, Crown it so nobody messes with, Crown my love, Crown my love, Crown my love, Crown my love,” will have you singing over and over again. Amni catches her fans’ attention and perfectly secures her album across many playlists.

With shades of R&B, Amni is the queen with a crown conveying emotions to lyrics.