In the past, he’s taken issue with a number things, voicing his opinions on social media and leaving the posts active to marinate with his audience. The man is brash, blunt, and unapologetic. He’ll say whatever comes to his mind and, usually, he’ll get away with it because it’s phrased in a comical manner. Issuing a New Year’s Resolution for some unidentified people in his life, the Atlanta-based rapper decided to kick things f with some savagery.

21 Savage Issues Important Message On Physical Intimacy & Hickeys
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, chose to celebrate the commencement a new annum in a different manner. Instead remembering the fun memories he made with friends and family in 2019, Savage took the opportunity to wish for people to shut their mouths… literally. Taking to Twitter, the “Bank Account” star noted that when he’s getting close to someone, he wants them to keep their teeth in their mouths. “2020 stop putting dem big ass teeth in y’all mouth before y’all kill somebody tryna give dem a hicky,” wrote the recording artist. Amen, Savage. Amen.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?