If you thought would just bury his beef with as some random occurrence to end 2019, you’re sorely mistaken. Never one to be outdone, 50 Cent returned to Instagram with two audio clips aimed at his new foe. Recently, an online back-and-forth began between Fif and Montana after the “No Stylist” . It was revealed to be a 2008 model so 50 Cent took the opportunity to call out Montana, telling him that he should have invested in a 2020 whip like he did.

Montana snapped back and the two artists trolled each other with some harsh criticisms. Fif took aim at Montana’s bank account while Montana called Fif a dinosaur and insinuated that he was a rat. has “no navigation] and it has a CD player in it.” On the recorded call, listeners can hear Fif’s surprise at the revelation. 

The person continues, “There’s no even USB in that sh*t.” Fif wrote in the caption, “You playing my old CD again hun! ?.” The rapper told the person on the phone that he wants copies the loan Montana allegedly took out on the Bugatti because he wanted to post it for the world to see. .

“?I just got the papers don’t ever in ya life play with me?he got a f*cking 60 month loan on a 08 ?‍♂️,” the rapper wrote. “N!gga it will be 2025 when you out that car.” Listen to the audio clips and check out French Montana’s responses below.