was at one point the biggest rapper in the game but these days, he’s more a pressional troll. I mean, he still gets in rap feuds without actually rapping and using these Internet back-and-forths to promote whatever he has going on such as Power or his champagne brand. In recent times, h

It all began earlier this week when 50 Cent roasted French for Since then, has been relentlessly going in on Fif, among other things. French also shared a . Anyways, in the midst all this, French found himself in some hot water after he was accused faking streams for his single, “Writing On The Wall” ft. and . Faking streams isn’t necessarily the most scandalous thing in the world but if these allegations are true, it reflects incredibly poorly on French since he has two the biggest artists on earth.

This obviously proved too good a situation for 50 Cent to not pry into. Taking to Instagram, he simple demanded French provide some sort explanation regarding the alleged fake streams before plugging the return  Power