has been working with his legal team for the last several weeks to be granted an . Unfortunately for him, his appeals have been unsuccessful to date. Other famed recording artists, like , are expected to be released  because the virus but Kelly will likely continue to fear for his life behind bars. 

has been a central station for R. Kelly memes as the disgraced singer fights for his freedom, and his most recent April Fool’s Day joke was possibly the most savage one yet.

Sharing a fake tweet headline from TMZ, 50 Cent laughed that R. Kelly had contracted a spin-f version COVID-19.

50 Cent Shares Savage R. Kelly COVID-19 Meme
Cook County Sheriff’s Office Getty s

“BREAKING: R Kelly has tested positive for SHEWASNT-19,” writes the meme shared by 50 Cent. 

Digging at the singer over the countless allegations that he’s ***ually abused underaged girls, this probably could not have gotten any more disrespectful.

Fif added his own comments in the caption.

“Damn boy, if it wasn’t for bad luck, you wouldn’t have luck,” chuckled the rapper, making fun the current state R. Kelly’s life.

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