is one step away from being a free man. After the feds  this week, it’s all up to Judge Engelmayer, who is set to decide the rapper’s fate imminently. 

Many us expected the verdict to be out yesterday afternoon after Judge Engelmayer noted that he was “inclined” to grant 6ix9ine a compassionate release amid the coronavirus outbreak, citing his pre-existing medical conditions as the reason why he should serve the remainder his sentence from home. Now that he’s about to become a free man, the internet is blowing up with memes and jokes about the rainbow-haired informant.

6ix9ine Prison Release: Best Memes & Tweets
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Some people joked about what his first Instagram Live session would look like. Others begged for a “First Day Out” single release. Others envisioned how happy 6ix9ine must be, knowing that he won’t get attacked upon his release because the self-quarantine locking us all down.

Of course, all this will soon come to reality. Once 6ix9ine is back in the real world, it’s anybody’s guess as to what we can expect from the boisterous Brooklynite. Will he lay low for a few months before dropping new music? Or is he going to come back strong right f the bat? Will he be as reckless as before? Or will he tone down his act?

Check out some our favorite memes about his release below.