It would appear as though some ‘s former associates within the Nine Trey Bloods gang collective are looking for equal treatment behind bars. If he gets granted an early release from prison, they want one too.

It was revealed yesterday that the controversial rapper had been  because he is at-risk catching COVID-19 in prison. Tekashi 6ix9ine has asthma and if he were to contract the novel coronavirus, his symptoms would be bad. That’s why he was allowed to serve the remainder his twenty-four-month sentence at home. Apparently, Denard “Drama” Butler wants his early release for the same reason.

Butler was  in January after he pleaded guilty to one racketeering charge. According to Complex, his attorneys are looking to get him sent home as a direct result 6ix9ine’s release.

6ix9ine Prison Release Inspires Domino Effect With Associates
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Like the rapper, Butler has asthma. His lawyers Jacob Mitchell and Kenneth Paul say that he also suffers from bradycardia. That means that he is at particularly high-risk as it pertains to the coronavirus. 

“The specter death is a very real possibility given the circumstances,” writes his defense team to Judge Paul Engelmayer.

His lawyers are requesting for him to serve the remainder his sentence in home confinement. However, if that is not approved, they would like Butler to at least be sent home and continue his sentence in prison once the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

It’s only fair… right?