At least we can rely on our favorite TV shows right now. And among those shows, TLC’s increasingly-popular reality T.V. series 90 Day Fiance is quickly hopping on the COVID-19 pandemic to bring us a much-needed break from our own realities. If you’re not familiar with the reality TV series, it follows couples who have met over the internet, and make the move (literal move) to be together in real life, which involves leaving their own country and moving to America with their fiance. Then, course, they have 90 days to get married so they are allowed to stay in the States. There is a lot drama, cultural boundaries to cross, and generally hilarious shenanigans making this series and its many spin-f iterations all too engaging.

As announced today by way Variety, TLC has confirmed they will be doing a five-episode limited series for the 90 Day Fiance franchise with forty former cast members taking part. The spin-f, aptly titled Self-Quarantined, will premiere on April 20th, and has already begun production. Production essentially means that the cast members have begun shooting themselves and one another, with confessionals being recorded video chat. “Our crew is not near them physically at all,” Howard Lee, the president and general manager TLC confirmed. “They will be helping them remotely.” Lee also explains not to expect anything too fancy when it comes to visual production– “This series will look very hot-f-the-press — it will look like the paint has not dried.” Lee said. “I think our audience is incredibly forgiving right now, and I’m hoping that they accept the way it looks. It will be messy!”

As far as which these lovable90 Day Fiance cast members we can expect to see, Darcey and Jesse will both be making a return appearance, as well as recent couple Pedro and Chantel, among others.

The episodes for this mini-series are expected to run until May, and right now, Lee is stating it will be a one-time only event. Will you be watching? What TV shows have you been consuming on lockdown?