is a man many talents. Aside from rapping, he’s also an incredible chef and a huge sneakerhead. A while back, Bronson teamed up with Adidas to create a “Real-” UltraBoost. The rapper has been critical Adidas’ role in the collaboration and has had numerous problems when it comes to getting the shoe made. Last year, Bronson was finally able to get a couple pairs to his friends although things haven’t exactly gone as planned.

The artist took to Twitter today where he lashed out at those who disrespected his collaboration. As Bronson explained, the shoe was meant for friends and family only. This means pairs can go for a lot money and some the people who got their hands on the collab were looking cash in. For Bronson, this was the ultimate form disrespect. Simply put, don’t resell the rare shoes he gifted you.

Action Bronson Lashes Out At Those Who Resold His Adidas Collab

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“If I gave you a pair my Ultra Boost and you sold them fuck you,” Bronson wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “You are scum.” In another deleted tweet, Bronson went on to say that he would have a few pairs at his Stand Up Guy tour which is good news for fans who were hoping to get their hands on the collaboration.

Based on the way this whole release was handled, it doesn’t look like Bronson will be gifting his friends with shoes anytime soon.