We just couldn’t skate through the last day the decade without igniting one more social media beef. Yesterday,  as they hurled insults at one another, and it looks as if today the torch has been passed to DJ Akademiks and .

Things kicked f after Nav tweeted, “Akademiks hop on and f d*ck so much he prolly got STDs.” The message came following Nav’s recent revelation Whatever the catalyst was for him to share that insult isn’t known, but AK didn’t waste a moment in responding.

“Imagine being rich asf driving to where paparazzi is at in a half a million dollar car and a million in jewelry and catching feelings cuz no one noticed u,” Akademiks wrote, referencing . “Seems like u d*ck riding the media. U hid ya face for the first year u blew up now u desperately want attention. Answer that.”

Akademiks  to follow up with, “Wasn’t referring to myself, I even phrased it as an observation..looks like I struck a chord ???‍♂️.” That wasn’t good enough for Akademiks, who called Nav out. “Back Peddling. address u dying for attention & being salty u didn’t get it. That’s why u call out a media n*gga. I ain’t never seen u call out a Rapper. Why? N*ggas while u hurt inside u ain’t never call them out on twitter.”

“I post about the rappers who are hot,” Akademiks explained. “If you cold.. i wont be posting about u.. if u aint doing sh*t.. i wont be posting about u. its not d*ckriding… i dont get no money wit none yall. its called doing wat the f*ck i want and covering who is hot.” He added that beefing with him doesn’t give anyone points and told Nav to stick to subtweeting him like other artists. Check out more from their exchange below.