Beat battles have been dominating Instagram Live feeds over the last week since everyone has been stuck inside. We recently saw  from , , , and . and hosted a live where things got tense and personal as they competed to see who had more hit singles.

The requests for match-ups have been running rampant on social media but the heads have really been wanting to see Madlib and Alchemist go head-to-head. Both producers have extensive catalogs filled with certified classic records with legendary rappers. Unfortunately, Alc doesn’t want to step into the ring with Madlib. 

“Madlib would absolutely destroy me,” Alchemist admitted to Elliot Wilson. “You crazy, man? I ain’t going up against that man.”

He added, “Madlib is like my idol, man. That’s my brother, too. He’s on another planet on his own. He’s his own genre.”

Though Alchemist doesn’t want to face Madlib in a beat battle, he said that the current match-ups have been incredible for the culture. “I like what’s going on. Obviously, it’s entertainment for us all to see everybody flexing like that. And it’s really a celebration at the end the day,” he said before he was asked about going against Madlib.

Peep the clip below.