Her pregnancy may have been tightly held secret, but now that Aeko Brown has entered the world, Ammika Harris and can’t stop sharing photos and videos their baby boy. The newborn is Ammika’s first and Chris’s second child, and the happy parents are more than excited to share the youngest Brown with fans.  with C. Breezy or  Aeko’s every move is being captured.

This time, Ammika took to her Instagram Story to share another Aeko moment. The baby just laid there and looked cute, as most babies ten do, . A video Aeko was heartwarming enough, but Ammika played Chris’s 2007 hit song “With You” in the background.

The song’s lyrics “You mean to me what I mean to you / And together, baby, there is nothing we won’t do” were written over the video for the tender moment.  and you never know, Aeko may be the next little superstar in the making. Only time will tell, but in the meantime, check out the clip and more photos the newborn below.