that are detrimental to his career, he is actually one the best wide receivers in the entire NFL. Some feel like Brown could be one the greatest all time although his f the field issues have guaranteed that it will never happen, at least not in the immediate future. . The only issue is that he is at the complete mercy the NFL. His behavior has made teams want to avoid him and there is no guarantee that the league will let him play should he get a new contract.

While surfing on Instagram recently, Brown was met with the possibility signing with the Baltimore Ravens and playing with MVP winner Lamar Jackson. Brown had two words for this as he said “Scary Site.” Of course, he meant “sight” but we digress. This writer has definitely made some spelling mistakes in his time and you commenters are never shy to point them out.

Brown would certainly be a huge addition to the Ravens as he would bolster their fense and provide an elite weapon for Jackson on the perimeter. Not to mention, Brown would get to play against the Pittsburgh Steelers twice since both teams are divisional rivals.

While this scenario might be a fantasy, for now, it’s certainly interesting to think about.