Ari Lennox is big mad about the disrespect that’s shown towards Black people and when a Twitter user compared her to a rottweiler, she couldn’t hold back any more. The tweet in question read: “Ari Lennox and ‘s ability to have dangerously high *** appeal while simultaneously looking like rottweilers will always amaze me.” 

Ari Lennox Demands Respect For Black People Following Rottweiler Comparison
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The “Shea Butter Baby” singer followed up with an Instagram Live video where she tearfully vented and questioned why people are so comfortable tearing Black women down. “I’m not f-cking with that shit,” she said on IG. “How people hate Black people so much, how Black people can sit up here and say, ‘That’s not my problem.’ Or, ‘She does look like a rottweiler.’ And you want to talk about, ‘Oh, people are so sensitive, they want us to cancel freedom speech.’ Why is this your speech?”

Ari’s clap back was felt by the Twitterverse with many users agreeing with her words. “Ari Lennox’s success or fame is irrelevant to that fact that there’s a culture present that tears down black women unlike any other group women. calling her sensitive is idiotic because before anything, she’s a black woman who experiences the injustices she’s describing,” one user wrote

Watch her reaction in full below.