Arizona Cardinals Linebacker Lu’ Drops His Debut Music Single “FEVA”

Arizona Cardinals Linebacker Lu’ Drops His Debut Music Single “FEVA”

Jesse Luketa, who you may know as the Arizona Cardinals’ recently drafted (2022), burgeoning linebacker, has entered a whole new industry set to show the world how passionate he is about chasing his dreams. “You can’t let another person tell you your dreams are too far unattainable,” says Luketa, now going by the abridged version of his name, Lu’ . The renowned NFL linebacker is not speaking frivolously, as where many people might stop chasing dreams — such as after being drafted by an NFL team — Lu’ is only getting started. The multi-talented mind is making headlines beyond the gridiron as his debut single, “FEVA,” showcasing his journey into the world of music, is out now, February 14th.

Coming from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Lu carries a distinct amalgamation of cultural influences expressed in his music. His unique background, which draws inspiration from English and French-speaking artists and Congolese artists, creates a sound that is just as diverse as his background. As if transitioning from a phenomenal athlete to a refined musical artist wasn’t enough to set him apart, Lu’s style and sound also promise a more refreshing musical journey for his listeners than, perhaps, other artists have been able to provide.

Speaking on his drive and passion to enter the industry, Lu says, “Playing at the highest level of football has been my dream since I was 7, but the one thing I’ve loved just as much since that time is music.” As it often does for so many, music has pulled on Lu’s emotions, creating a connection to his roots and the perfect conduit to express himself fully. This new artistic endeavor is just the first way his journey will transcend the boundaries of his athletic pursuits.


Although inspired by prominent figures in music such as Bob Marley, JB Mpiana, Drake, and Burna Boy, Lu is devoted to bringing his levels of rawness and authenticity to his music. The artist envisions creating a genuine sound that deeply echoes his passion, reverberates with his listeners, and grows into a memorable experience for families and friends to share for years to follow.

His debut song, “FEVA,” arriving just in time for  Valentine’s Day, is far more than just another tune to Lu. While many musicians just making a name for themselves try to craft songs for a broad audience, frequently sacrificing grit, emotion, and heart, Lu has taken a different approach. “FEVA” is a metaphysical exploration of his artistic identity, which seems to glue together the fabrics of an artist and an athlete effortlessly. In his own words, Lu says, “It’s real, relatable, and, above all, a catchy vibe.”

While his career is still young, few people with such high levels of determination are denied their greatness. Lu is poised to make his presence further known on the football field, and now, he’s ready to captivate the world of music with his unique sound and raw storytelling. Check out Lu’s debut track, “FEVA,” out now.