Austin Rivers has been sitting at home with absolutely nothing to do, . It’s a sad state affairs for pretty well everyone as we are currently dealing with this Coronavirus crisis. Many players have been taking to Instagram Live as a way to connect with their fans and Rivers is no different. Yesterday, Rivers went on Live where he had a lot to say about the state the NBA and what their plans are for when the league comes back.

According to reporter Justin Russo, Rivers noted that the NBA plans to have every team stationed in Las Vegas where they are looking at playing in the Thomas and Mack Center which just so happens to have two courts. The league would let every team have two practices before playing out a short slate regular-season games.

Perhaps the most interesting part the plan is that the league would make it so that the first two rounds are only best–three instead seven. This would make everything go a lot quicker while also making the games count for a lot more.

These are certainly wild propositions but we are living in much wilder times, so it makes sense.