Two weeks ago, a , Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage, that were living in his Trump Tower condo in Chicago. This incident ended up being a wake-up call for Clary, who later decided to escape the bizarre love triangle. Savage, on the other hand, was arrested for assault and has chosen to stay loyal to the disgraced signer. TMZ has reported that  by Kells and  soon so she can also free herself from his hold. 

Since regaining her independence, Clary has been working towards clearing her mind this troubling predicament. She is reportedly seeking counseling to process the psychological games that Kelly subjected her to. She has been . Yesterday, she , explaining how this had been an old hobby hers and that the activity is proving to be “therapeutic”.

Now, Clary has found another means decompressing. Her latest Instagram post shows that she is staying in a luxury suite at the Wynn Las Vegas. The caption details what she hopes to get out this vacation. “I’m boutta put on this robe and enjoy some white wine ? I don’t want no goals, just commitments. Cheers guys ?? There’s nothing sweeter than being broken, and picking up the pieces and creating a even better future all on your own. ?”

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