Baby Keem has some the funniest bars in the game. However, they might need to be heard in their intended context in order to be properly appreciated. Fans tweeting out one particular line from Keem’s biggest song, “Orange Soda” (f ), is causing them to get suspended from the social media platform. 

People have reported that quoting “When you come see the crib, you better die, hoe” could result in an enforced time-out from Twitter. While this bar could be confusing to decipher on its own, you could make more sense it after learning the one that precedes it. The Nevada rapper first asserts, “I hate a bitch that I can’t impress.” For this reason, when a woman is welcomed into his immaculate abode, Keem expects a stunned reaction. 

It’s a pretty hilarious lyric, but Twitter is overlooking the hyperbolic humor in it and interpreting it as a threat. This may be because it’s an algorithm detecting an issue in the phrase “you better die, hoe.” One suspended fan, named Colin, lamented to Complex that this algorithm “doesn’t use any type context or any sort ‘plagiarism check’ to see if they’re lyrics, quotes, etc.” 

Baby Keem himself caught wind this restraint on his fans’ freedom expression and tweeted, “So like… if you quote Baby Keem lyrics they put you in twitter jail? Free my dawgs.”

Look below to see some the people reporting their suspensions, which appear to be spanning between 12-24 hours.