You know those times when you come home in a foul mood and you inadvertently take it out on your partner and end up tearing open his testicle sac? Me neither, but believe or not, there are people out there who do – or at least one person. On Tuesday (Dec. 31), Baton Rouge ficers arrested 18-year-old Corey Jones for committing this particular crime.

According to the police report, the New Year’s incident in the 8500 block Leake Avenue involved Jones returning home from having a “bad day at work”, which lead to him getting in a verbal argument with his boyfriend. The verbal argument heated up so Jones’ boyfriend locked himself in the bedroom. The victim claimed that Jones then entered the room and charged him, but Jones denied this detail. In response to the victim pushing Jones away, Jones allegedly grabbed the victim’s testicles (Jones fessed up to doing this). A physical struggle ensued and the victim’s testicle sac was torn open, leaving a significant laceration. Investigators wrote in the report that the injury will likely require stitches and leave a permanent scar.

Jones was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on a charge domestic abuse battery with serious bodily injury.