Beyoncé Awarding $5,000 Grants to Families Facing Eviction

Beyoncé Awarding $5,000 Grants to Families Facing Eviction

As the COVID-19 ravages on, many are still on edge, attempting to navigate their finances and living expenses as government assistance approaches its end for the time being. Among others, Beyoncé is making an attempt at softening the blow for those in need as her BeyGOOD organization now reveals its plans to award $5,000 grants to 100 families or individuals facing eviction or foreclosure.

The act of benevolence arrives just as housing moratoriums are set to end this month, putting thousands of families at risk of losing their homes during a pandemic.

“When the pandemic hit, we helped organizations across the country that were aiding and assisting people with basic needs like food, water, household supplies, and COVID testing,” the organization pens in its announcement. “…Phase Two of the BeyGOOD Impact Fund will now help those impacted by the housing crisis. …Many families are impacted, due to the pandemic that resulted in job loss, sickness, and overall [economic] downturn.


They continue: “This holiday season while many are stressed with what they will do next regarding their housing, we are proud to share some GOOD news. Beyoncé is giving $5K grants to individuals and families facing foreclosures or evictions.”

The application, facilitated through the NAACP, is set to open on January 7th. Of those who apply, 100 recipients will be chosen to receive the grant, to be dispersed at the end of January. For those who do not make the initial cut, however, there is hope yet as the second round of applications will open in February.