For the entirety her career, Bhad Bhabie has faced criticism from all corners the world. Recently, her haters have taken issue with her look, which has evolved considerably in the last year. The 16-year-old had her big break being interviewed by Dr. Phil when her mother could no longer handle her bad attitude, being sent to a rehabilitation facility for misbehaving children and commencing her rap career months afterwards. Then, she became an internet sensation from one meme, using it to bolster her money-making ways and becoming a millionaire through music and her entrepreneurial ventures. Bhabie’s detractors love to come after her voice () . After being accused having plastic surgery, the social media star clapped back at her haters and explained exactly why she looks a little different than she did last year.

Updating her social media last night, Bhad Bhabie denied getting any work done on her face or body, explaining that a very natural process is behind her maturation. “I think a lot y’all forget I’m getting older so I’m gonna start looking different,” said the rapper. “Stop making up shit I don’t have any surgery’s… leave me tf alone.”

The teenager is at an age where her body and face will mature quickly so it’s natural for people to notice a difference in her look. However, it’s not influenced by surgeons. Just puberty.

Bhad Bhabie Explains Why She Looks So Different These Days