As we recover from our New Year’s celebrations, we’re left reflecting on the things and people that made 2019 so special. In addition to the welcoming a new year, we’re also ringing in a fresh decade, beginning the 2020s and ushering in tons exciting opportunities and possibilities. Knowing the history that and Jhené Aiko share, it’s pretty obvious that they’ve each had a tremendous impact on the other’s life in the last ten years.  After New Year’s Eve, it’s pretty clear that they’re back together with The Blast reporting that Sean and Jhené are renewing their relationship.

The latest photo the two musicians together shows them during their NYE party, rocking silky get-ups and acting goy for the camera. Aiko shifts her mouth in a comical fashion and Sean semi-sticks out his tongue, embracing each other and serving once again as “relationship goals.” 

Neither Sean nor Jhene have confirmed that they’re ficially back on. However, the couple has been notoriously secretive and unbothered throughout the year, choosing to let the gossipers do their jobs as they simply get on with their lives. Regardless the nature their bond, it’s just nice to see them on good terms.