might be avoiding being in contact with people as he practices social distancingHe’s been on Instagram Live heavily these days in wake the Coronavirus scandal that has ended the NBA season pre-maturely, canceled all events, and closed all clubs, restaurants, and bars. 

Most recently the rapper hopped on Instagram Live to further discuss his thoughts on the trans community. He insists that he has nothing against trans people or anyone that identifies as a member the LGBTQIA+ community, he did insinuate his issue is giving kids the power to make major decisions. “I don’t have nothing against no gay people,” he said before adding that he has gay people in his family and who work for him. “All I said was don’t do that, mane. I don’t hate gay nobody. I love people. I don’t hate white people. I don’t hate black people. I’m just — I don’t hate people, bruh.”

Boosie Badazz caught ‘s decision to be referred to with she and her pronouns. His comments caught national attention,  and support simultaneously before it ultimately got him kicked out Planet Fitness.

Check out Boosie’s comments below.